Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let's Change the World!

"Let's make the world into a better place - and enjoy the ride"

I guess all of us - or at least majority of us who have some sort of order between our ears - agree with the statement above. Any idea where it is from...?



Are you sure you have not seen those words somewhere...?

...if you think you have not, please scroll up the screen and have a look at the left column at the top.
Yes, I have said so some years ago and I agree with my statement still today - and most likely always.

The reason taking this up is the aphorism I came across with in Facebook - the unsocial media. It is along the lines of my own thought above.

Call me naive or stupid, but I trust the good guys will win at the end!
...and at least I have a bit better mind from doing the best I can!

Have a fabulous + fantastic = fabulastic weekend, it is unexpected summer in Finland!!!

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