Friday, June 22, 2012

Loistavaa Juhannusta - Have a fabulastic Midsummer - Trevligt Midsommar 2012!!!

Thousands of Finns hit the road yesterday to reach their or friends' summer cabins. I didn't. I came home and I'm happy!

Some people are fine without the modern facilities, but some members of my family are not. That is I would be perfectly fine to spend time in a summer cabin without electricity, running water or indoor water toilet. But as you can imagine from previous, that does not apply to all family members. At least to the ones who have not been or are not like likely to go to the army for the military service.

Yep, the Ladies :o)

Still, I'm happy to have again a bit different Midsummer in the city. This is our 3rd Midsummer after returning back to Finland and all of them have been City ones. It's become a habit to visit down town market place for the fresh season potatoes, fresh carrots, peas and of course a munkkipossu or lihapiirakka - jelly-donut-type-of-goodie / meat pie - at the market place coffee place.

The funny thing in Finland is that there is no genuine threat in security and hence the Mayor of Helsinki, Mr Jussi Pajunen was having his cup of coffee with whatever at the next table. And no security guards needed. The guy with these bath slippers was happy to talk to him and give a pat on the shoulder. Points to Mr Pajunen for being so positive in the situation.
 This is the town hall that in normal days is open to public - and has got the best free toilet in the corners, just in case you are in a need for it.
 The office of Mr Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland, is under construction work for a while now. After the Independence Day party on 6th December it will be closed so that 2013 the party need to be held somewhere else.
 If you are into a zoo trip in Helsinki, take a ferry from the Market Place. The trip including the entrance fee is 16 Euros for an adult and kids up to 17 yrs are half price...
 The Senate Square, Senaatintori, is changing it's for and even the seagulls have taken over the statue in the middle.
 They are building the facilities for the opening ceremony of the European Track & Field Championships that start in Helsinki next week.

Welcome to summer Helsinki, I love it!!!

Loistavaa Juhannusta - 
Fabulastic Midsummer - 
Fantastic Midsommar, 

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