Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snow & BBQ in Finland - Shame in Holland!

Oh boy, it's snowing again, flakes size of a stamp. The temp is a bit above zero celsius - the freezing point - so it is not likely to make the ground more white, but I can tell you it doesn't help the 20 cm of snow melting away from the patio. On the other side of the house the lawn is already clear from snow, as it gets a bit more sun during the day.

So the spring is coming. I guess. At some point. Somewhere.

By the way, if someone is wondering on the other side of the big water how much is 0 Celsius in Farenhait, check it out from here;

As we are in Finland with a bit shorter winter than in some other places, we can't be too picky with for example bbq weather. Therefor last weekend at Easter the bbq was on! Many times.

It was good. Very good!!! the few uptight Dutch reading this are already thinking "Duivel, vertellen!"...
And I will.

Finnish top newpaper Helsingin Sanomat had an article on Wed 11 Apr about a drug league that had been busted in cooperation with Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish authorities. At some point in the process they decided that all of the busted ones would be taken to the court in Finland.

As part of the pack was decided, that all sentenced ones - the convicted drug criminals - would be handed over to Holland for re-evaluation of the sentences. I bet no-one, and I really mean no-one, thought the outcome would be what it was. Here are the numbers and reasons behind the sentences;
  • Organization leader "M1", 1560 kilos of hashish
    • In Finland centenced for 13 years in prison
    • In Holland the conviction was milded into 4 years in prison
  • Organization leader "M2", 500 kilos (assisting)
    • In Finland 13 years
    • In Holland the judge evaluated that 6 months of prison already taken in Finland is adequate = he was released upon hand over
  • Practical organizor "D", 1560 kilos (assisting)
    • In Finland 8 years 6 months
    • In Holland the judge evaluated 1 year 9 months already taken in Finland was adequate
  • Practical organizor "J", 500 kilos
    • Was not brought to Finland due to illness
  • Dummy organizor "A", 910 kilos
    • 4 years in Finland
    • Recently convicted, still open what will happen in Holland
  • Dummy organizor "W", 647 kilos
    • 2 years in Finland
    • Same as "A", let's see what happens
  • Courier = truck driver "E", 225 kilos
    • 9 years 6 months in Finland
    • Will not be handed over to Holland as he was captured in Finland. This makes him the BIGGEST loser of the whole chain, as he will not get the much, much milder conviction based on the Dutch courtroom evaluations.
  • Receiver & main operator in Finland "P", 225 kilos
    • 9 years 6 months in Finland
    • Same as "E", will stay in Finland and can & should not expect any change as a Finn
 I don't know if this is fair or not, but that's the system - like it or not.

Still, have a great weekend!!!

PS I still need to get you some stuff from the long gone Lapland trip.
PSS I was in the movies recently, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and picked a fantastic line from there;
"If I want your opinion, I will give it to you!"


Hamalka said...

Cool! It´s like to make a barbecue from inside your refrigerator!
I wonder how long does it take to cook..!

MIKA said...

Hi Hamalka,

Sorry for the delay. I can tell you it does take a bit longer than in summer time, hence you gotta take it into plans and enjoy...