Sunday, February 5, 2012

We have a new president in Finland - Sauli Niinistö!

Today we started the day with -28C in Helsinki area the day of the second round in the presidential election. The result was the most clear ever in the history of the 2-phase election, 62,6% for Sauli Niinistö from national coalition party on the right wing vs 37,4% for Pekka Haavisto from the green party.
Sauli Niinistö will be the 12th president of Finland, that got independent at 1917.

Out of the somewhat 20 districts, only Ahvenanmaa - Åland, the island between Finland and Sweden that would very much like to be independent - voted Haavisto to be a winner. Over there the voting % was a bit over 50%, which can explain part of the result. I can tell you that district is heavily supporting the Swedish party and now that they didn't have an own candidate on the second round, the interest dropped and surprisingly(?) Haavisto won over there.

In Helsinki the votes were almost equal, neck-to-neck few tenths from 50%. Overall the voting-% was quite low, below 70% that was almost 10% down from the main round.

I've witnessed some discussions both online and live, where friends supporting different sides have taken this a bit too seriously. I sincerely hope that you have not been too offensive with your views. All of us have a right to have our own opinion, no matter how wrong they feel to be. As long as they do not affect other people's lives, it's your own business.

Just remember, if they do affect the lives of others, think carefully what you do or don't want to do as some of your choices might have long term effects that you have not thought when arguing about some details or making a decision that feels good - for you. Unfortunately I've seen this happen so think and consider a compromise if there are more important things at stake.

Onnittelut uudelle presidentille!
He will step in on March 1st, so there is still some time to pack the bags...

In Finnish info at over here and in English in here.

What else for this weekend?
Fan at 2 futsal games - the indoor football that is played on handball court - and in a basketball game, some b-ball for myself, and first time on the slalom hill for this winter. It was pretty cold, about -18-20C on minus side, but still skiable for an hour at a time. Then of course for a pit stop at the bistro...

For the ones at Helsinki area, Messilä next to Lahti is a good option to the ones next door. Nice athmosphere and surroundings a bit over an hour from Helsinki and the slopes are better than in e.g. Vihti or Serena. At the same time we got to meet friends who had come from Moscow for a long weekend skiing trip. I was thinking at one point if we should have pushed them to go up to Lapland, but considering the temperatures I am lucky we didn't. It has been around -30C up there.

Still some time to get my legs used to the skiing, need to do some workout with my thighs even if I have thought they have been ok. It is just so different pressure they get on the slopes - and I don't take skiing too easily. It's a great combination of outdoor fresh air, fun exercise, leisure time with friends or family, and of course before-during-after-ski fun.

I am looking forward to the upcoming ski trip to Lapland! Trust me, it is fabulastic!!!

Have a great week you all!

PS In case you wish to spend a fun day either for private or work pleasure - even at VIP level - check this out; Great event even if you would not like the motor sports at all!
PPS More snow coming as we speak and the temp is only -8C

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