Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lapland - on the Road

I was in Lapland for a holiday trip, with a main target to enjoy skiing and of course the Lappish environment. Here are few tasters from the road.

Some of you might recognize where this is from. It has been there "always", even before the new highway.
Sometimes it is worth getting your bum up early. Beautiful sunrise.
You better pay attention where you drive as you easily slip away from the road. Good thing is that the snow is soft, but getting back on the road is tricky.
The trees and the tracks were pretty here and there. Art of the winter...
Particularly further up the country.
They had a new way to show that certain places on the road signs were across the boarder, like Kostamus in Russia. Did you know that Finland has got the longest land boarder in EU to Russia, over 1000 km?
On the way there is still the dead chopter with an Ukkohalla ad.
The kids were wondering what were these white things in the middle of the pic. Phone lines that you don't see that much any more...
The snow art changed now and then into a bit more ugly fall art.
The speed measurement reminded everyone about speeding, even if you were 1 km/h over the limit.
There was a rally race somewhere nearby and tens of cars came across. Not fast as they were not racing at that point...
One thing I must complain is the stupidity of most drivers that think the road parts with the second lane means everyone needs to pick up the speed - and drop it again after that part ends. NO, it is meant for taking over slower cars that should not speed up when there is the chance to take over.

Hope you understood, I did at least :o)

Safe on the road as always. Bum tired after hours of sitting, but still happy to travel with the family as we all are used to driving long distances. Lots of stories, laughter, music, talking and silence. Fun moments together!

More Lapland to come, stay tuned...

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