Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is...

...not Finland!

I gotta admit this is a fact. Again. The only time this proved to be untrue was at 2006 when Lordi won the contest. And that will stay the same also after this year's contest.

After not watching that closely the qualifying rounds - that have been said to be a bit complicated - I was not that happy to see the "best" six that made it to the final of the qualification round. Sad but true, in my opinion, none of them have the potential for more than few random points from the actual games.

What is surprising, both members of the family who were follwing the show, agreed that the lady perfoming in the second(!) official language in Finland, Swedish, was a strong candidate. And I'd say luckily she made it, good luck for the games Pernilla!

...if this guy would have made it, I would have a heck of a lot of explanations to give even after Lordi...

No worries, the games are on again in May and we'll be watching, no matter if Finland will get zero points or not ;o)

By the way, The Rasmus made their come back with a new single "I'm a Mess", that I unfortunately can't link with this PC. The song was not first a slam-to-my-head, but it did have some catching elements...

Have a great weekend!

PS C'mon Blues, keep your head up - giving away the game 8 seconds before the end is not what we wish to see...!

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