Saturday, June 26, 2010

Football / Soccer and Midsummer

The FIFA Worldcup has been a strange one. We all knew that Italy and France had epually good chance to win the title, but nobody suspected it would actually be so bad chance that they both would drop out in the first round. Ghana and England got through form the qualification round by scoring only 2 goals.

In the best 16 we have 6 teams from Europe, while in the previous games there were 10 European teams. From Africa is only 1 team in best 16, Ghana. They are right now starting to play against team USA, so my wish is that (unfortunately) in best 8 there will not be any African teams.

Still I hope that several out of the 5 teams that have their FIFA ranking over 30. For reference, Finland is 52nd on the list and has never played in Worldcup or Eurocup.

Let's play ball!

PS Until not there has been 6 people drowned during the midsummer, I truly wish I am wrong and no more unnecessary lifes are lost!


MIKA said...

Unfortunately 7th drowned. Please be smart and stay on surface - pysykää pinnalla!

MIKA said...

African team in best 8, congratulations Ghana! Good chance to go to the semifinals since next game is against Uruguay.

MIKA said...

9 people have drowned and overall over 20 died in various accidents etc.