Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bread & Midsummer

It seems the dark side of Finns has been again proven; so far 9 people are known to drown and over 20 overall dead over the Midsummer weekend. Several in traffic accidents and one of the unfortunate "common" ones with 3 young people driving too fast, loosing control of the car and crashing - 3 people died.

Be smarter people, you can do better!!!

Then one tip for the friends and relatives in US - or whom ever might end up here looking for a place to get some healthy Finnish Ruis bread - rye bread in New York, Connecticut or surroundings;

Two Finnish cook brothers started this as more of a hobby but now it is becoming a profession. They have a factory and the lovers of Foodies-culture can enjoy this!

Bon Appetit - Hyvää Ruokahalua!

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