Monday, October 19, 2009

Grrrrrr - Finnish pricing....

On Saturday I came across with few things that I was afraid to be missing from Belgium; barbershop and car wash.

In case you are planning a new career and wondering weather you should become a hair dresser or start washing cars, I have an advise for you: Go for the hair, you make double the money and even save water!

I have needed a hair cut for some time now and like too often, I make it happen with last minute arrangements on Saturday. Same thing yesterday. I had booked a car wash (that was also a long term need) at the Iso Omena mall and while they were washing it I thought I try my luck with the haircut. First one was a no go but the second one was fine.

Since I had showered and washed my hair half an hour earlier it was just simple cut-and-go job. Lady was quite efficient and I didn't request any special treats like cutting with a knife or sides & back with scissors. Just use the machine for the sides and scissors for the top. 15 minutes and we were done.

Then the payment: 29 freaking Euros for 15 minutes simple cut!!!
...the place was Hair Store (sorry Laura). 

I don't know the market price but based on this I gotta book my "own" since then I can trust I get a quality treatment with fair price.

In Brussels I had about 30 minute treatment including wash, cut with a knife, sides & back with scissors, and after a rinse it was finished with a lotion. And the lotion was put with a 2-3 minute head massage!

And the price...?
20 Euros.

What about the car wash then?

I think it was quite fair for the dirty car, close to 30 minutes work with a good quality outcome. I guess the same price of 29 Euros is fair, but these guys spent double the time with the car and used loads of water & shampoo... If I remember right, I might pay for machine wash easily 15 Euros and then the car would be partly dirty & wet when it is done.

I know I can wash the car at Iso Omena car was myself too, but this time it was so dirty it was better leave in professional hands. In Brussels I had no reason to wash the car myself, they had pretty good system with a fair price. It goes like this;

You drive through automatic pre wash liquid "shower" to a guy who manually adds some to your wheels and hood if they are dirty. Then he takes a power wash and goes around the car washing everything, but gives special focus on dirty spots. Only after that I drive to a machine wash which is similar we are used to in Finland.

There is a BIG difference in a result! Like everyone who has used the machines in Finland can say that often the wheels and hood are dirty after wards and the car is wet - despite of the blow dry. The Brussels system has got a similar blow dry, but in addition the car is hand dried!!!

How much did the fun cost then in Brussels?
9.50 Euros, for my "people mover" - a mini van 10.50 and with a wax 2 Euros more. Plain machine wash starting from 5 Euros.

It is Belgium so don't ask about the taxes but they gave also a receipt if you asked for one.

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