Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back to 70's in Belgium

I thought I had seen it all with Belgium, but this one might be the best of them;

I received a physical check ("cheque") from Belgium insurance company's final reimbursement. While exiting Belgium I was recommended to keep my bank account still open for payments like this, but for real I have received in a mail a paper check worth a bit over 100 Euros.

I called my bank in Finland to check the cost for cashing such a thing but they we very reluctant to say anything firm over the phone and asked me to go to my home branch to a) hear if they can at all cash it and b) how much it would cost me.

Like I would like to go to the queue just to hear that it costs me arm & leg... After lengthy questioning and demanding some sort of clarity the 2nd person I spoke with called me back after a while telling it would cost me in minimum 15 euros to cash it over here. Well, sounds nice that the cost is 0,4 % from the value, but in minimum 15 euros.

If I would still be in Belgium this would be easier but... Well, I guess I am lucky in this case as we have an in-house bank branch at BRU office. I agreed to send the check in secured internal mail to them and they would put the money on my Belgium account. That I can use online so it's piece of cake to move the money back to Finland.
However, there is always a risk that it ends up in wrong hands but it should be safe since it has got my bank account number now...

Finally, the company that operates at 70's style: AG Insurance with an address at Emile Jacqmainlaan 53 in Brussels, connected to Fortis Bank...

PS Sorry for complaining again but you know how it is sometimes. There are good things in Brussels too, I for example miss the chawarma poulet at our Libanese place!

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