Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shame on Finnish Media!

Yesterday a tabloid paper (one of the 2 in Finland) structured their sports pages as follows;
--- 12 pages in total
--- 7 pages about track & field World Championships
--- 2.5 pages of ads
--- 2 pages about a retired Finnish nordic combined (ski jump + cross country skiing) athlete
--- in the rest only result and best Finnish scorers of a European Basketball Championships qualification game, where Finnish team won one of the best teams in Europe Italy.

Morning TV has had in their sports news at a channel we all pay for literally ONLY the track & field World Championships.

Today the main morning newspaper had in total about 3 pages of sports (excluding ads). Half of it was again the same topic...

I know what the nation sports editors are like traditionally, but I was hoping that it would be history to award people like Päivi Alafrantti for one lucky javelin throw shot with a Sportswoman of the Year.

Shame on you!!!

PS While moving from one country to another it has been too hectic to note down what goes in my mind but I will try to catch up again! Let´s see if I get to note something about today at the sea...

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