Saturday, August 29, 2009

Culture shocks have started

Oh man, the culture shocks are coming piece by piece. Yesterday and today I had some.

As I am on holiday I had a great morning with my son, who's school day started only at 10:00 am; we went for a haircut together. When it was time to pay, I realized I miss our family barber/hairdresser Sandra in Brussels.
To Sandra I would have paid for my cut 20 Euros and 14 Euros  for K's cut. In Espoo, Finland I paid for basic treatment 30 + 25 Euros. Worst of all, in Brussels that price includes a lotion with a proper head massage!
--- Sandra at Salon de coiffure Mirage, rue de L'escadron 32, 1040 BRU/Etterbeek.
Tel 0478-239 103
She speaks also good English, tell her my regards!
...I will definetely go to Anski next time, this week she was busy...
Then the beer;
Last Night on a way home I stopped at a local pub to award myself after a 4 hour volunteer job at a big basketball tournament (N plays there this weekend). The pub has got a great selection of beers but I felt like having a Duvel. All good, but the price was 6,30 Eur while in BRU I think price could have been max 3 Eur.

Well, I also got a nice reminder of what kind of people we will bump into. A red-neck woman from a not-so-highly-appreciated-place-on-the-other-side-of-the-city was giving very smart comments during the b-ball game without any chance to think she might not be right. I find it hard to keep my mouth shut when I feel I have a valuable opinion to share, so I guess she won't send me a Christmas card.

Don't worry, I was polite but I think her ego got a little stain.

I am looking forward to the next shocks!

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