Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why Nike, why?

The only thing that comes to my mind regarding the pic & shoes below is "WHY?".

In my fairly wide network of people I can think of only one person who would be a very potential  buyer of these shoes. Some of you know her as Tsupukka, not least due to her fantadtic blog st

Go girl says a fan in 2nd generation!

I just find it hard to believe it has been a success production for Nike, far from Air Jordan levels...!

If you wish to spot these shoes, start strolling the streets either in Espoo Tapiola hoods or at Korso ghetto at Vantaa. Focus on 18ish year old basketball player look alike girls...

PS This is not the first time I can be blaimed for anti-shoe-fetish, check out the previous ones on the left column down at "Shoes"-keywoard. 

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Tšupukka said...

Onks noi kumisaappaat? En ostais mulla on Hunterit. Englannin kuningatarkin käyttää Huntereita ja minulla on tunnetusti kuninkaallinen maku.
Teinit varmaan diggaa noista Nikeistä. :)