Saturday, July 5, 2014

Scheisse mit Mein Kampf!!!

Apologies for the mistakes in German on this post - or on the other hand not...!

In High school I studied German for 2 years and that is all the academic study with that beautiful-ugly-sounding-language I have for now. On top I have numerous hours and days of on-site visits with the-way-I-like-to-study-languages in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

While writing this the World Cup game between hosting Brazil and Colombia is on with 1-0 for B-team. As I have stated earlier, my favorite is Spain. Yes, it still is!!!

My second favorite is actually Belgium, my former home country, while I still not today trust the team. Sorry my Belge friends! I claimed they would be kicked out in the first qualifying round but luckily I was wrong - and team Belgium was lucky: they played against team USA and - despite of the stunning game by The Goal Keeper of the Year Tim Howard - they managed to go for quarter finals, that is in best 8. Go Belgium!!!


OK, let's get to business;
"Entschuldigung, das ich zu spät kommen!" was the fist sentence I said in my German lession in the high school.

And the second one...?
"Das weiss Ich leider nicht!"

Sorry for the 99% of the American readers, JFG!!!

...anyway, to the point that I started writing this;
With 1 minute thinking I came up with 2 teams that I do NOT support if the French the team is playing them.

Yep, all of you know the ranking 1 is Russia, but for whatever reason the 2nd team is ...Germany from all the countries in the world. Why??? I can't really say! Likes and dislikes. Blonds vs brunettes. Meat vs veggies. Coffee vs Tea.

Let's remind the basics;
Finland is going to play in the next World Cup - in Basketball in Spain this August!!! Let's keep our eye on that my friends - and trust Brazil will take what's for them to take!

Have a fabulastic weekend you all!!!

PS Mein Kampf is the battle with not having my home country Finland in the games, my 3rd home country Spain out, my somewhat-dislike-Germany-continuing, my 2nd home country Belgium out at next round, while my childhood favorite Brazil just got away with a goal against them and now all of a sudden it is 2-0. Brazil continues!!!

Let the games continue!!!

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