Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Walk - or just a Walk...?

Yesterday I had again the pleasure to go for a walk with Mrs. We headed towards the sea shore and it was great to see that we still have some elements of winter in place, like part of the sea was frozen. That is covered with ice so that you can even walk on it.

For some of you it might be shocking news, but last year you were able to drive on it. If you double-click the picture, it should enlarge and you might see the rescue team a.k.a. firemen apparently practicing in case someone breaks through the ice. The water is pretty cold, even though many people have a habit to swim through the winter.

Pay attention to the cover at the end of the pier: That is for the swimmers and hence there is also a water pump that keeps the water open in a small area big enought for a quick dip.

Naturally the beach cafe was open, though we didn't have a break at this one but the other further down the shore.

I've posted a picture from the cafe terrace earlier at summer time, check it out.

Continuing the theme with birds - if you checked the link above - this is what we had along the way.

That place with the ducks, weather and all reminded us both soooo much about Brussels winter. It's not that ofter I miss it, but having so great memories of several walks in the parks and woods it easily comes back in mind. Not to talk about Brussels winter weather being just like that - similar to spring in Finland.

Well, in Finland we have the dog shit revealing when the snow melts away... Unfortunately the sun was hiding behind the clouds when I took the pictures and the end result being all of them having the shade of spring dog poo all over - expect the ice.

To finish off, let's bring in some color, particularly some blue:
The Finnish ice hockey league is getting close to the play-off season. My team the Blues is about to make it in. Dang, they won the league leader Kärpät - the Weasels - on Friday. Ok, on Saturday they played again and Kärpät won it :o)

If the Blues plays strong in the last games and Jokerit - the Jokers - fail, the Blues might even make it directly to the quarter finals with 6th Place.
C'mon Blues!

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