Saturday, March 15, 2014

Go Blues - In the Quarter Finals!!!

My team the Blues from Espoo made it to the quarter finals in the Finnish ice hockey league. They finished at 6th place and since the Helsinki teams Jokerit, the Jokers, were 7th and HIFK finished behind them, I dare to say we are THE #1 in the capital area!

The first Blues quarter final home game is on Saturday March 22nd at 17:00, be there - if you still can find the tickets...


PS I personally would have been ok without this not-that-surprising "return of the winter" we have today. It's already more than 5cm and more is coming all the time. 
...well, on the other hand it might help out a bit the ski slopes that try to keep operating even here in southern part of Finland all the way to Eastern late April. Currently it doesn't look so good, but for now they are in fairly good shape. Up north in Lapland the slopes are open until May. 

Have a great weekend you all!!!

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