Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daycare Show North Korean Style - Pohjois Korealainen Päiväkoti Esitys

Everyone should have a right to express their own opinion. Unfortunately for some people in some countries doing that causes problems, but I hope me telling you guys this doesn't mean I will end up in rehabilitation camp in North Korea.

Finnish tabloid paper's online version Iltasanomat TV posted a video taken in North Korea. It is about daycare children, perhaps 4-6 years old, singing as a choir in a show. Something quite surprising appears at the back during the show. Check it out from this link, wait first for about 10 seconds to view the commercial.

There is in the article also some pictures from the show. The kids also performed a play where brave North Korean soldiers capture evil spies. In the pictures the spies wear helmets, just to clarify to the non-Finnish-speakers.

Talking about brain washing from child age...

...eli lyhyesti sama Suomeksi.

Pohjois Korealla on vakuuttava tyyli muokata jo lasten ajatusmaailmaa ja toimintaa. Näin ainakin on tulkittavissa Iltasanomien jutusta, jossa videolla ja kuvilla, sekä paikan päällä olleen henkilön viestillä värittyy melko vahva valtiojohdon vaikuttamisen tahto.

Päättele itse, juttu löytyy täältä.

PS -17C expected for tomorrow in Southern Finland and -30C up North in Lapland, COOL...!

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