Sunday, December 22, 2013

Take the effort - it will have an impact!

As I said in my previous post, if you take the effort to notice people, help out or do something that is valuable to others, it will have a positive impact! Often it is about small things and sometimes you get something back - on top of a good mind.

Like happened to me.

The other day I was driving home and saw in front of me a car changing its lane insanely and crashing another car. For a second I wondered if they need help or if my involvement is needed, concluding that I should take the effort to help out. I made at least one person very glad!

It appeared that the quilty driver was not with Finnish origin and was not happy to admit it was his fault, as well as the innocent driver had no clue what she should do and had no documents to report the accident for insurance. I stated shortly what I saw, gave the "victim" some tips, gave the insurance form and a pen. Since I had to leave for an appointment, I gave her my contact details and asked her to contact me if needed.

Well, she didn't contact me directly but a courier rang my doorbell two days later and this is what I got:

It was quite a big packet as you can see from the tennis ball comparison. And this is what I found from inside:

The "victim" lady had sent me a flower and a thank you -note. Apparently my little effort was very valuable for her so it paid off. Small input, big positive impact...

While we are on traffic topic, I want to share a picture and the feeling from the shortest days of the year.

Today it felt that the sun did not raise at all (and actually it didn't in Lapland at Northern Finland). It was gray and rainy all day, hard wind and sooo sad looking pre Christmas day. Perkele. Most of the time people post only the shiny, nice images and tell positive stories - just like I prefer to do as I try to act via positiveness. But if something is shitty, I think it's ok to say it.

Luckily the gray day was gray only at weather, joyful Christmas is 2 nights away :o)

Have a great moment, soon the Santa, Joulupukki, is here! Hauskaa Joulun odotusta!!!

PS Be aware of the fake Santa...

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