Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November in Finland - Blackout!

So today the sun didn't come up at all. Rainy. Windy. Dark. Cold. Even too windy for candles outside.

Or technically an optimist would say it did shine, even if behind the gray rainy clouds but still. A pessimist or a realist would say it didn't and hence it became a standard November day in Helsinki area, Finland.

Yesterday was something else...!

Even if the mild wind was freezing by the seaside at down town, in sun it was warm and niiiice!

What was specifically great, was that I got to use the sunglasses! Perhaps for the last time before March.

A pessimist will never be disappointed ;o) Have a great gray November!
...or go to Lapland at Northern Finland, they have snow but the sun will go down soon - for months...!

Damn I love winter. And summer. And spring. And autumn now and then.

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