Thursday, September 10, 2009

Firemen are your friends - just like police!

We had a little incident today, but it was managed by positive approach by involved parties and support by ...firemen!

In the morning our daughter cycled about 6 km to a track & field stadium where she had her physical education in the morning. While she after the class was about to take off to the school, she broke the key in the lock.

Bike to the storage room, lady to borrow bus ticket from a friend (yes she had money but was too puzzled in the heat of the moment) and quickly to the scool. And of course call Mom in tears.

I decided to minimize the damage and headed to the stadium, got the bike from the storage and loaded it in our people mover. Options were to keep it in and take a saw tocut it open - or head to a local fire station to ask for help.

In I go and after explaining the story we both were wondering how could I prove that I have not stolen the bike. This fireman decides to call his supervisor and after hearing my story we head towards the bike in my car. The fireman takes out from their truck a 1 meter long power tool and asks
"was the key for the bike like this..."?

Few seconds later the lock is open, I get a new lock from my wife's bike and drop the bike to the school so the after school activities go smoothly.
What was needed to solve the incident smoothly?
Flexible moment at work to step out for a moment, mother with an extra bike lock, large people-mover and skilled, friendly firemen!
Kiitos Niittykummun palolaitokselle!!!
We have had a saying in Finland that "the police is your friend", "poliisi on ystävä". We even have a junk food chain that sells a burger called "Police Special" and hence they have a banderoll with the saying - next door from the fire station. I think I will set up on the fire station wall a banderoll "Firemen are you friends - and they can break anything"!

PS Lonkero on fantastinen janojuoma. Harmi että löysin Brysselistä kohtuuhintaisen ostopaikan vasta loppuhetkillä...


ivanka said...

No toimiiko se sun sähköposti? Olen lähettänyt muutaman meilin mutta et ole kuitannut :)

MIKA said...

No toimiihan se mutta kun en sita oo ehtiny lukea. Vasta eilen illalla kuittasin... Ja kiitos!