Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love Finnish archipelago!

Finnish archipelago is beautiful, even if the summer doesn´t last long. Part of the beauty is the dark colors and the wind in the fall. Not to talk about the walks on ice when the sea is frozen in winter.However, if you have a chance to enjoy the sea you should do it. I have posted here some tasters from our day at sea short while ago.

It is great to be back in a country with 4 seasons. In Belgium we had only two seasons, summer and fall. Good thing vs Finland was that the summer is two months longer, but the downside is that the fall lasts from September to March/April. Luckily now and then you have days that it feels like spring.

Now that the summer is ending, I am happy to welcome winter. Sadly we have the boring season in between. Can´t wait the days when it´s raining sideways and feels like the sun is not coming up at all...

Brrrrrr, yesterday morning it was +8 C when I left to the office. Today it was quite warm in the sun but otherwise about 13 C... Well, the summer will come back next year!

Headquarters of Nokia and Kone

Home of "Mrs Marimekko"
Our lunch place with THE view
Getting towards one of the Helsinki marinas
The Captain
The border control
The customs
The police
I love the sea!

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