Saturday, November 14, 2015

Respect our right for life and differences - Vive la vie!

Shame on the disrespect shown in Paris!

Thinking about the current refugee situation in Europe and our view on the ones trying to get into our countries for a safe and better life, one comes to think how we should - or should we - change our view.

One view is that the current refugees have chosen their side. They have decided to leave their life and even families in home countries. They are running from the ones who are responsible for the insane actions as in Paris!

Naturally some of the people on the move are not what they claim to be! Therefore it might be good to be sharp on the control, both filtering out the ones with "wrong" intentions, as well as to secure the adaptation into the country can be managed properly. Still keeping in mind there is a reason they left their life at home country for a reason!

Strength & respect to everyone, we should never give up to the dark forces. Life must go on, you can call me naive, while I strongly believe the good ones will win at the end!


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