Sunday, September 13, 2015

Helsinki Day

Helsinki is a beautiful city and every time you can find new aspects or see something that has not been there before. Keep your eyes open.

Arrival using public transport, leaving possibility to enjoy more the second drink if you feel like it.

We had a sporty entry to the city with a sports event.

 Sports can also exhaust people - can you spot one?

Let's zoom a bit...

Shopping is naturally part of the city day and it can also be a visual experience.

At Helsinki Market Square, Kauppatori, you can find also great packaging or what do you think about these packages?

Don't be scared if it is crowded. There are not many pick pockets, while it is still possible. Overall Helsinki is a safe city!

Remember to have breaks so you don't get exhausted. Good option is the Old Market Hall, Vanha Kauppahalli, and the Finnish local specialty Lonkero

Next door the bistro boat Nikolai was serving salmon soup as well as salty and sweet waffles. The salty ones were great, served with a view.

They are open only for 2 weeks for this year so go there. To secure you know how to behave in their toilet, please read the instructions in English.  

I wondered a bit why there was neck-to-neck a war game advertising and blood donation service...

Comedy festival was also in the city with the funny basketball player Sami Hedberg.

If you for some reason need to work in the city, did you know that you can have access to an office with these views with a price of a nice wine bottle?

Keep your eyes open when walking around.

This one I don't get. Why...?

You might also spot interesting boats like the Delta.

Or Lucky Eight which some hockey fans recognize.

Make sure you see the city also from the sea, several options are available no matter what your budget is, you get access with the price of a bus ticket - or if you are lucky with some other means.

Check out also the Hernesaari terraces, shuttle bus goes from the city centre. Next summer.
...they closed yesterday for this year :o(

Make sure that you return to Espoo, Haukilahden Paviljonki is a great option to cool down. They have great burgers, yesterday's snack was a bit unusual as they don't regularly have sushi.

Enjoy life, have a cool one...!

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Anonymous said...

We had a great day, even you had to leave us too early...