Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank You 2014 - Welcome 2015!

 The year in pictures and minimum words. Let's leave some space for your imagination! I kind of feel sorry for the ones who have not had the chance to be part of the trip. At least majority of you - I bet you recognize yourselves ;o)

Where did it all start from?
 From something unclear can be made something great!
 C'mon Baby Light My Fire!
 Let's check what's around and go for it!
 We gotta work for it - in the right places!
Let's enjoy the trip and have some fun!
 Enjoy the view and of course the company when ever possible!
 Remember to recharge the batteries - fill up the tanks!
 Celebrate the success and milestones!
 Challenge yourself!
 Enjoy the moment!
When you fill up the tanks, you can enjoy the ride!
And then work again, stop to think for a moment when needed!
 You can do it!
 It's not that high mountain to climb!
 You'll have friends to work with you if you are a team player!
 Know your hoods!
Take the moment!

Show your colors, commit to the team and the cause, everything is there for us to take! 

Welcome 2015, I'm looking forward to the trip with you!!!

Happy New Year - Hyvää Uutta Vuotta 2015!

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