Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Vappu - Wappu - Walborg so Cheers(!) - Hölökynkölökyn - Kippis - Skål - Terviseks!

Today is Wappu, the evening of 1st of May - Hauskaa Wappua!!!

In Finland it is THE carneval evening, night & day of the year when people get together. At Midsummer most run away to their summer cabins, the Independence Day in December is somewhat holy day which I wonder a bit, Christmas is Christmas, and at New Year it is damn too cold to celebrate outside, and Easter is also during winter/spring season without festive history - vice versa...

And of course have a great Queen's Day ...woops, have a great King's Day my Dutch friends!!!

I don't want to repeat myself so check out my previous Vappu - or Wappu posts from here;

...and since there is quite high increase of alcohol consumption during Wappu, let's give it a serious thought...

If you have ever wondered why you feel smart after a few beers, read the scientific explanation below.

Some of you have already seen this on Facebook by AsapSCIENCE and/or some other site...



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