Monday, February 10, 2014

Safety tip for Sochi Olympics: Safe Sports Solution at Vantaa, Finland

I live in Finland, which can be considered one of the safest corners in Europe. But no, today this is not only pink foam, good spirit and happiness for all of us. Otherwise one would think the signs like below would not be needed at a Tikkurila sports arena at Vantaa, Finland.

Remember to leave your guns and steak knives at home when going to watch a basketball, handball or futsal game...!

At Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 they have apparently 60.000 security guard, police and military people to protect the athletes, officials and fans. Damn expensive solution when you could do the same with few stickers.

PS The corner of the image on the right side is from Helsinki Olympic Games 1952, turning spot of the marathon run with Emil Zatopek in the picture.

PPS Finland has opened the medal flow at Sochi, Enni Rukajärvi won silver at women's slopestyle - HYVÄ ENNI!!!

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