Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wet-wet-wet & Ice hockey

Yesterday morning I grabbed myself up and pushed me out for a walk - despite of rain. I gotta say it was again great, fresh cold air, not much traffic, road workers hiding somewhere indoors from the rain, schools on fall holiday - and colors were still great so wet-wet-wet weather didn't bother me...

Today we get to enjoy sunshine and it is again Blues home game day! Let's see if the Blues can continue yesterday's positive playing and slowly start picking up their position from the bottom of the table. It's also possible that I'll find myself from the Blues arena today. Special game with a pink theme to support the battle against breast cancer - hence even higher likelyness to go to the game.
What is surprising, my daughter is the biggest booster to go to the game as she is a BIG fan! She just told me that Teemu Selänne of the Anaheim Ducks scored a goal in the NHL game against Phoenix Coyotes, and another at shoot out. Not bad from a guy who is 43 years old...
For tickets to the Blues game, click here.

Have a great weekend!

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