Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hothot Summer - Almost over!

Last night we had a fantastic thunder storm and another is expected for tonight. Temperature is expected to stay above +20C and I can tell you it is a lot for Helsinki area this time of the year. Today was also otherwise exceptional temperature, climbing even above +30C here and there.

Soon days like this are long gone - and it's not far. Most likely this weekend will be the last ones, let's hope we will still have one or two warm ones to go before the fall. Unlike Belgium, the fall begins in September with temperatures max +15C at day time. 

I will miss the warm BBQ moments like this.

If you think cold weather will keep me from repeating that, think again. Also bicycle trips continue, here is one of the pit stop places nearby.

And these fellows were in the hoods.

In the hoods they are also fixing the pool for a brand new winter usage, this was a month ago - I should go and check out the status of the moment. 

Good night fellows, let's see how the night will be...!

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