Monday, July 23, 2012

Suomen Turku - Turku of Finland

I was in Turku - Turku of Finland, Suomen Turku!

A looooooong time ago Turku was the capital of Finland. As most of us know, the capital has been in Helsinki since 1812.

This one particular trip - I've made multiple of them - included work and a planned lunch, that was a bit delayed. Since I had spent most of the day in an office, I wanted to have a quick bite outdoors in the sun in as pleasant surroundings as possible. If the food would be good, even better.

I succeeded;
  • Car park by the route, free one
  • Between the car and terrace in 30 meters, a lady was sunbathing in a bikini
  • Terrace was on the dock, main restaurant onboard an old sailing boat
  • Food was fried anjovis, muikku, a bit like boquerones in Spain
  • Price was surpricingly cheap for Finland, if I recall right it was 6 Euros for quite a big box
  • I got a seat in a sun bead

Not bad at all...!

If you are around, it's on the other side of the river - tois puol jokke - next to the föri.

One can not finish off without mocking Turku: here is a Turku version of V12 engine.


Tšupukka said...

Nam! Tarttee varmaan lähteä Tyrkyyn syömään noita pikkukaloja :)

MIKA said...

Suosittelen! Ne olivat niitä pieniä, neulamul... siis neulamuikkuja. Kauppatorilta ja Hakiksesta saat helposti ainakin useimmiten niitä isompia. Ja mä otan kohta Fugen boquerones ;o)